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Autumnz-PostPartum Abdominal Binder*ModernBengkung*-FREE Extend*

$32.90  $21.90

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Comes with FREE EXTENDER worth $8.90

Autumnz Post-Partum Abdominal Binder is thoughtfully designed to help reshape your tummy back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Hailed as the ‘Modern Bengkung’, this tummy wrap will facilitate the post-pregnancy recovery process in a natural way.



* Support, enhances and tones your figure after delivery

* Helps to reduce unwanted stress marks and improve the skin’s natural elasticity

* Comfortable, light and breathable

* Luxuriously soft inner layer which is gentle on skin

* Unnoticeable under clothing

* Simple to use hook and loop closure enables easy self-fitting

* Comes with 3 rows of loops for easy adjustment

*Durable and high quality hook closing which will not let go when sitting down

*Constructed from 6 panels of beautifully embroidered elastic, which allows contour fit

* Total height of binder is 11 inches.

* Hand wash recommended

* Made from imported materials



*M = 28" - 32"
*L  = 32" - 36"
*XL= 36" - 40"
*XXL= 40" - 44"

Size is determined by waist size.


What do our panel testers say about our Autumnz Post-Partum Abdominal Binder *Modern Bengkung* - Extra Long

~ ......One of the best in the market - this is surprisingly comfortable yet effective ~ Pn Zaleha

~ ..... You will not regret it, definitely a good buy - Pn Rifah

~.......Beautiful and reasonably priced. Easy to wear but most of all, it is comfortable and does not restrict movement - Pn Anni